The Man who Cracked the Lottery

Rob has spent his career protecting Iowans from those who believe they are above the law. It doesn’t matter if they are Democrats or Republicans – all that matters is the law.

So when The New York Times Magazine decided that they wanted to feature his work in a story, it was a bit of a shock.

They are calling the article “The Man who Cracked the Lottery.”

It profiles Rob’s work to prosecute the largest lottery fraud case in US history and the years-long effort to unravel Eddie Tipton’s scheme.

“He wanted to get into white-collar criminal prosecution because it focused not on crimes of desperation but on crimes of greed. ‘Crimes against gratitude,’ Sand called them.”

Rob has always fought for what is just and right, and now he’s ready to work for all Iowans.

“A few months after the highest-profile case of his career, Sand went up to his boss and quit. He had decided to run for State Auditor in the coming November election, so he could make positive changes. If he wins, he will be investigating government waste, abuse and fraud.”

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