About Rob

No one else has prosecuted more of Iowa’s public corruption or major financial crime over the last decade.

Rob Sand was named an Assistant Attorney General in September 2010 by Attorney General Tom J. Miller, and spent much of his first 18 months investigating and prosecuting tax credit fraud related to Iowa’s filmmaking tax credit program. Then Deputy Attorney General Tom H. Miller, a Republican, recruited Rob to Area Prosecutions, a small group of prosecutors who take on many of the state’s toughest cases. There, he became the youngest prosecutor in the Division and Iowa’s first-ever Assistant Attorney General focused on prosecuting financial crime.

Most recently, Rob led the nationwide lottery-fixing investigation that uncovered seven fixed lottery tickets across five states with total face values of nearly $25 million. He also led the prosecution to a resolution between six States and two defendants. All told, three criminals entered guilty pleas to six different counts and agreed to repay every dollar they stole. The leader is now in prison for up to 25 years; the others served time or have a permanent felony conviction.

In addition, Rob prosecuted an investment advisor in northern Iowa who deceived victims into investing into the International Bank of Meekamui, the most recent name of a 20 year-old ponzi scheme originating in Papua New Guinea. It is believed to be the only criminal prosecution outside of PNG related to the scheme. The “advisor” went to prison and the “Bank” ceased worldwide operations entirely as the case drew near to trial.

Rob has prosecuted elected and appointed public officials and employees, both Republicans and Democrats. He successfully prosecuted attorneys, investment advisors, embezzlers, and those who exploit the elderly. Rob additionally prosecuted a wide range of other crimes, including sexual abuse, robbery, murder, attempted murder, and perjury. He worked to commit to secure facilities nearly twenty sexually violent predators after the end of their prison terms, ending their cycle of victimization.

Rob Sand was born and raised in Decorah, Iowa, where his first job was catching chickens. His favorite childhood memories are of fishing, biking, and camping in a tiny shack on an island in the Mississippi near Lansing, Iowa. He found a passion for public service in high school, when he worked for two years to build a public skatepark. He graduated from Decorah High School in 2001.

After high school, Rob attended and graduated from Brown University. There, he built  a reputation for being able to work productively with individuals of all political persuasions. He built a class on political diversity that led to the creation of an institute for productive political discourse that still thrives today. He also published or presented research in three areas and taught at a reading camp for children. While there, Rob was named a Harry S Truman Scholar.

After college, Rob chose to return to Iowa to attend Iowa Law School on a full merit scholarship. There, he also was the first student ever to be both a President of the Iowa Student Bar Association and an Editor-in-Chief of a law journal. He also led a student volunteer effort to commit over 1,000 hours of volunteer labor to cleaning and rebuilding Cedar Rapids after the 2008 floods. Before graduating he was awarded the Hancher-Finkbine Medallion, the University of Iowa’s highest award.

Today, he hunts, fishes, and bikes regularly. In fact, the Iowa Bowhunters’ Association certified him as an “Expert Bowhunter.” Rob and his wife, also a small-town Iowa native, have two young sons.